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"Meet our Customers, Friends, and Family! "
# 1-2005-2006 Season
Ashtyn with buck Boy with Dad
Randy James Big Buck with Friends Clark with his Buck Customer with Dana Doc, JP, & TB
duct taped deer Larry with Buck Smiling boy with his buck Tim with Buck Tim with Large Buck
Tim & Mark Employee C A Employee Derrick Employee J J Employee Jon T K, TXPW, & Jose Mark with family & friends
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# 2-2006-2007 Season
One Happy Saenz Young Hunter Two Happy Saenz Hunters Grandpa Saenz and Grandsons Tim and Dana Bruce 2006 Bobby Dan Eric
Theresa Karmen & Jimmy TPW-Biologists Tyler & Aubrey Aaron & Tim Crystal Customer 2
Customer 3 Customer 4 Jeffrey Skinning Daniel and Mark Dana and Erin Dillion Dirk
Eric's Glasses Jack, Dana, and Rachel Jay and Boys Don't Mess With John ! Jeffrey and Kim Betty and Frank Loey and Jeffrey
Russell Boy Tim and  Betty 2006 Ken and Daughter JP Spectacles Bailey, Brady, and Erin Brady and Kerri Brady, Nikki, and Kerri
Kerri, Nana, and Nikki Kerri, Nikki, and Lacey Jose and Tim OH NO Not Again ! Big Buck 11-12-06 Caitlyn's First Deer Larry F.
Rick's Buck Waits Family First Buck ! Holly and Bryan White Family-Jerky Man Proud Girls! Rodgers Buck
Tail gate Buck!     November Sun Set Joshua Deer Processing!     Caitlyn & Gracie's Big Buck!     Girls First Deer!
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2007 Season-continued
Eric, Amy, Auston Auston Gilreath Kids Gilreath Nephews and Nieces Kacie and Julie Kacie and Cameron
Hunters Buck Peyton Boy With Nice Horn mount Lane AaronDeckers and Dana
Logand Whitni Hunter and Trent Morgan Julia Trent
C A and Tim Jeff's Boys Brand-Customer and Tim Carl JT and DJ Brandon's Deer
Dan Keith Muscle Man Dan Theresa Millers and Bruces ! Parking Lot
Weems men Karm Paula and Lane Weems Red Deer Tyler and Piggy Two Boys Hunt
Buffalo 1 Buffalo 2 Buffalo 3 Buffalo 4 Buffalo 5 Buffalo 6
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